About this blog

This is the “CoDeS Case Palermo” blog, titled:

A initiative of ESD on grain between myth and sustainability. From Cocalo to Demeter from grain to bread

This blog describes the case of a school community collaboration for ESD developed in Palermo, Italy. This is one of the cases collected within the frame of Comenius Network CoDeS.


The focus of this collaboration is building a net between the only Sambuca public school, outside experts and local community. The collaboration has been based on school’s teachers and outside training experts, who have planned in a partecipated way the educational initiative on no formal education for sustainable development, allowing local knowledge durable conservation on grain and bread.

Esd initiative’s key actors have been children, teachers, training experts and local tradition witnesses. Even if Sambuca public school’s students and teachers belong to a rural community, they have lost local knowledge and know how on grain and bread production. Children have participated activity, demonstrating deep interest and pleasure making experience on grain cycle both on cultural and economical point of view. Teachers have opened their educational methodology to no formal approach, renewing and strengthening their professional tools.

Esd initiative’s partners were local institutional who have participated with effective contribution, also allowing visiting permissions (Sa mbuca ethno-anthropological Museum of wheat cycle, Archeological Site of Adranone Montain; Genuardo Mountain Natural Reserve; Sambuca Municipal Library), and even in an informal way partecipating activily (Regional Agriculture and Food Department, Regional Agricultural Activities Development Department, Sambuca City Agriculture and Culture Department, Regional Television -Tele Radio Sciacca).


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